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Author Topic: Specimen clumps of Tillandsia for sale  (Read 986 times)
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« on: January 11, 2012, 09:41:28 »

Hey y'all!

Happy New Year to everybody!  I trust everyone had a good holidays! I've been spending some time with the plant collections - lots of pruning, dividing, remounting, replacing old labels etc - you know how it goes!

I have some fantastic specimen plants that are superfluous to my collection.  I am offering these for sale to local forum members - a great opportunity to acquire some big showy clumps for your collection!  I have pics of these plants which I will post at a later stage or I can email them to you - I am pressed for time right now - the sea is looking good and I desperately want to go fishing  Grin!

T. ixioides - not the quickest plant!  I have plants that I acquired as singles 5 years ago - these are only 3-4 headed clumps now!  The clumps I am offering are large (20-30cm diameter approx.) even though they have been grown very hard (roasting hot sun and no supplementary watering or feeding).   If given shade in the hottest part of the day and pampered a bit they will double in size.  Collected at Cadilalle dam north of Tucuman, Argentina

1 x 7 heads @ R70.00
1 x 10 heads @ R100.00 SOLD
1 x 14 heads @ R140.00 SOLD

T. diaguitensis -  I have hundreds of these - ranging from large 40+ headed clumps to single stems @ R4.00/head.  Collected north of Tilcara, Argentina

T. paleacea - This is a fantastic tight form that will root onto un-painted walls!  It thrives under neglect - no supplementary watering or feeding and flowers best if grown on a north-west facing aspect.  It multiplies like house mice in a grain silo!  This form came from the Frankfurt Palmengarten and is one of the easiest and most rewarding airplants.  There are pics under "Tillandsia" - "Finally mass flowering"

I have 12 11 clumps of 20+ heads @ R55.00 each.

T. crocata - a gorgeous species forming a tight ball with silver hairy leaves and bright yellow scented flowers.  Loves hot dry conditions and can be hung on a piece of wire or string to grow into a large free-flowering ball.  These were collected just west of Uquia, south of Humahuaca, Argentina.

Three clumps of 30-35 heads @ R45.00 each ALL SOLD

Tillandsia natural hybrid - a wild collected plant - Rolf Rawe collected this in Argentina between Tucuman and Catamarca on the Cuesta da Tortoral.  He originally thought it was T. unca (apparently a synonym for T. argentina) and later changed this to T. argentina "major".  I suspect that it is a hybrid.  It is very vigorous forming tight clumps of stiff narrow leaves (approx. 5mm x 10cm) and are recurved.  The leaves are grey-green and new leaves are red-tinged.  The inflorescence and flowers are reminiscent of a large robust T. argentina.  A tough very rewarding plant that is very easily grown.

Five Four x 10+ headed clumps @ R40.00 each


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South Africa South Africa

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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2012, 23:19:35 »

Any more of these available?
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