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Author Topic: World Bromeliad Conference - Orlandiana '12 schedule of events  (Read 884 times)
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« on: December 11, 2011, 23:10:48 »

Hi all

The long-awaited schedule of events for the WBC, Orlando '12, has been drafted. It is still not officially posted but it's time the speaker list and proposed schedule were aired. We international visitors need much time to plan and make bookings! Hotel and rego info can be found on the BSI website - No doubt Evan will have more on this event in the next journal or 2. It looks like a 'shindig' of a week too!

Please note that there will be no planned pre or post conference habitat tours.

Hope to see some of you there!

Cheers, Pedro

2012 World Bromeliad Conference - Orlandiana '12
Schedule of Events*

Monday, September 24
   All Day         Hotel Check In, rooms available

Tuesday, September 25
   9:00am-5:00pm      BSI Board Meeting-Curacao 5
   9:00am-5:00pm      Judges School #1-Curacao 7
 12:00pm-1:00pm      BSI Board Luncheon/Judges School Luncheon-Curacao 6

Wednesday, September 26
   9:00am-5:00pm      Plant Auction Prep Room Open-Curacao 3
   9:00am-5:00pm      Raffle Holding & Prep Room Open-Curacao 2
   9:00am-5:00pm      Conference Registration-Grand Sierra Registration-North
 10:00am-12:00pm      Welcome to Orlandiana 2012-Grand Sierra E
            Keynote Speaker: Gregory Brown & James Thurrott-BSI Future
   1:00pm-9pm         Show Entries Accepted/Classification & Placement
               Grand Sierra Hall, Rms F,G,H,I
   1:00pm-9pm         Sale Area-Vendor Set Up-Pavilion Area
   1:00pm-9pm         Society & Commercial Displays Set up-Areas Vary
  12:30pm-5:30pm       Bus Tours to Commercial Growers (small charge)
   8:00pm-9:30pm      Meet & Greet All Registrants-Curacao 5 & 6

Thursday, September 27   SHOW DAY
   8:00am-9:00am      Late Show Entries-Grand Sierra Hall
   8:00am-3:00pm      Conference Registration-Grand Sierra Registration-North
   8:00am-5:00pm      Sale Area-Vendor Set Up-Pavilion Area
   8:30am-9:00am      Judges & Clerks Continental Breakfast-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
   9:00am-3:00pm      Plant Auction Prep Room Open-Curacao 3
   9:00am-5:30pm      Raffle Holding & Prep Room Open-Curacao 2
 10:00am-12:00pm      Raffle & Silent Auction Items Set Up-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
 12:00pm-12:30pm      Judges & Clerks Luncheon-Grand Sierra East
 12:30pm-1:30pm      Registrant Luncheon-Grand Sierra East
   2:00pm-4:00pm      Poster Session-Curacao 7 & 8
 12:00pm-5:30pm      Raffle & Silent Auction Items-Open-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
 12:00pm-5:30pm      Selling of Raffle Tickets for Early Sale Entry-Conference Registrat
          6:00pm                  Raffle Drawing for Early Sale Entry/Cash Bar-Grand Sierra Foyer
   7:00pm-10:00pm      Show Area Open for Registrants ONLY-Grand Sierra F,G,H,I
   7:00pm-10:00pm      Sale Area Open for Registrants ONLY-Pavilion Area
   7:00pm-10:00pm      Plant Holding Area Open-Curacao 1

Friday, September 28
   8:00am-5:00pm      Conference Registration-Grand Sierra Registration-North
   9:00am-5:00pm      Show Open- Grand Sierra F,G,H,I
   9:00am-5:00pm      Sale Area Open- Pavilion Area   
   9:00am-3:00pm      Plant Auction Prep Room Open-Curacao 3
   9:00am-5:00pm      Raffle Holding & Prep Room Open-Curacao 2
   9:00am-5:00pm      Plant Holding Area Open-Curacao 1
   8:00am-5:00pm      Conference Registration-Grand Sierra Registration-North
   9:00am-12:00pm      Seminars-Curacao 5&6, Curacao 7&8
                                                       9am-Dr Terrie Bert-Evolution of Bromeliads
                                                     10am-Dr Larry Giroux-Cryptanthus
                                                     11am-Andy Siekkinen & Robert Kopfstein-In Search of
                                                                           Mexican Silver: Hechtia argentea
   9:00am-5:00pm      Raffle & Silent Auction Items-Open-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
   2:00pm-5:00pm      Seminars-Curacao 5&6, Curacao 7&8
                   2pm-Eloise Beach-Growing Chester Skotak Hybrids
                   3pm-Francisco Oliva-Tepuis of Venezuela
                                                       4pm-Barry Landau-Social Media & Bromeliads
   2:00pm-4:00pm      Publications/Electronic media Editors Meeting-Curacao 4
   6:00pm-7:00pm      Preview Auction Items/Cash Bar- Grand Sierra East
   7:00pm-10:00pm      Rare Plant Auction-Grand Sierra East

Saturday, September 29
   9:00am-5:00pm      Show Open- Grand Sierra F,G,H,I
   9:00am-5:00pm      Sale Area Open- Pavilion Area
   9:00am-5:00pm      Conference Registration-Grand Sierra Registration-North
   9:00am-5:00pm      Plant Holding Area Open-Curacao 1
   9:00am-5:00pm      Raffle Holding & Prep Room Open-Curacao 2
   9:00am-12:00pm      Seminars-Curacao 5&6, Curacao 7&8
                                                        9am-Dennis Cathcart-Bromeliads in Habitat
                                                       10am-Peter Bak-
                                     11am-Harry Luther-Gardens by the Bay
   9:00am-5:00pm      Raffle & Silent Auction Items-Open-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
   1:00pm-4:00pm      Home Tours/Registrants ONLY-Meet in front of convention area
   6:00pm-7:00pm      Cash Bar-Grand Sierra Foyer-North
   7:00pm         Banquet-Grand Sierra East
                                                       Keynote Speaker: Nat DeLeon & Tom Wolfe-BSI Past

Sunday, September 30
   9:00am-3:00pm      Show Open- Grand Sierra F,G,H,I
   9:00am-3:00pm      Sale Area Open- Pavilion Area
   9:00am-3:00pm      Plant Holding Area Open-Curacao 1
   9:00am-12:00pm      Cryptanthus Society Annual Membership & Board Meeting
               Curacao 5
  10:00am-12:00pm      Dept of Agriculture Plant Inspection-Phyto Certificates Issued-
               Grand Sierra Foyer North
   3:00pm         Break Down of Show & Sales Area

*Subject to change before final.
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