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Title: carminea "Dennis"
Post by: Robin on June 30, 2014, 11:28:55
I'm not sure iof I posted on this one before (and too darn lazy to check  :P)

Having moved (again!) and now finally settled and decided that this is the house we want to live in until we are decrepit, I have been moving my Tillandsia collection in from my buddy's nursery (luckily only 300m down the road).  I have a beautiful 3m high stone wall between our property and the neighbour upslope of us.  Part of it is dressed stone and the rest if a dry pack stone and rock wall.  I have been moving the lithophyic taxa onto these walls (I will post pics at a later date of the new growing areas).

One of them is carminea "Dennis".  It bloomed a while back but I never got to check it out properly.  Since then the clumps have proliferated and I have them on my dressed stone wall.  One is busy flowering and I can finally lay my mind to rest as to its most-likely identity: araujei var minima x tenuifolia var saxicola.  The inflorescence is somewhere between the two - as compact as araijei minima but the colour of tenuifolia saxicola - and about mid-length between them as well.

There are two variations - one has the compact growth of araujei minima - this is the "true" phenotype - check here:

My plants do however have larger inflorescences.  The other variant has the look of a non-caulescent tenuifolia saxicola.  The giveaway is the keel on the leaves - that it gets from araujei minima.

I may be wrong with tenuifolia saxicola - it might be another lithicolous tenuifolia variant that is involved but basically it is an araujei minima x tenuifolia - or the other way around - I cant say for sure who the pollen or seed parent was.


Title: Re: carminea "Dennis"
Post by: splinter1804 on July 02, 2014, 08:43:36
Hi everyone.

Robin - I'm not a Tillandsia grower so aren't qualified to discus these plants, but I can say how good it is to see you posting and helping to re-establish our past number of active members.

All the best, Nev.